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Hidden Depths - e-book - Fin Fleming Book 5

Hidden Depths - e-book - Fin Fleming Book 5

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Cayman Islands-based oceanography institute RIO recently opened a new restaurant and tiki bar to give divers somewhere nearby to grab a snack and a drink. The place is a hit with the scuba diving crowd, and Fin and the team are basking in the glow of success. Until the morning they find an unknown young woman dead in the bar.
Fin’s under the gun from the annual documentary sponsor, who threatens to revoke their contract and hire another company instead if they miss the deadline. Without the money from that sponsorship, RIO will have to shut down most of its research. Fin calls in Christophe, a world champion freediver to help her get ready for the filming, along with a team of accomplished scuba divers and underwater photographers.
And then, one of their own disappears.

It seems the missing women have vanished into thin air, but Fin will do whatever it takes to find them and bring them home.

Hidden Depths now to find out if Fin succeeds.

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