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In Deep - Special Edition

In Deep - Special Edition

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Special Edition with Additional Diving Scenes

Fin Fleming is always in control when she's scuba diving in her home base of the Cayman Islands. But when she’s on land, not so much.

She has problems in every part of her life, from her scheming past lover to her new stepsiblings and her career as chief underwater photographer at an oceanographic institute. She's got very few friends and no love life to speak of. But her troubles really escalate the day of the first accident…

.The crimes intensify, culminating in a dark and unexpected death while diving. It looks like an accident, but Fin quickly realizes it was a near-perfect murder. She must bring the ruthless killer to justice before she’s the next one to end up dead.

Filled with mystery, romance, family, and lots of scuba diving, this unputdownable first entry in the series will leave you wanting more.

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