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Killer Storm - Fin Fleming Book 4

Killer Storm - Fin Fleming Book 4

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Category 5 Hurricane Willard is barreling toward the Cayman Islands, but underwater photographer Fin Fleming has everything under control.

Or so she thinks, at least until she must risk her life to move her brother Oliver’s boat to safety.

After the storm, while assessing the boat for damage, she discovers a dead woman aboard, setting off a disturbing chain of events. It looks like an easy mystery, with Oliver as the presumed killer, but Fin knows Oliver would never commit this crime. She and Detective Scott team up to solve the murder.

Oliver’s twisted sister is in the picture, and Fin suspects she has Oliver hooked on drugs as payback for their past.

It’s a dark and twisty story, full of secrets and suspense as well as a dash of sweet romance.

The usual fun stuff is happening too. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to pilot a multi-million dollar personal submarine. Rosie, the American Pygmy octopus, and Suzie Q, the Southern Stingray, are back, both doing their things. There’s a crazy free-range rooster named Chico on the hunt for treats and bad guys.

A twisty mystery. And scuba diving. Lots of scuba diving. And then there’s Liam. Always Liam.

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