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Sea Stars - Fin Fleming Book 6

Sea Stars - Fin Fleming Book 6

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Cayman Islands-based underwater photographer Fin Fleming allows a film company to use RIO’s perfect facility as the setting for a big budget movie in exchange for hefty fees.

Along with the movie, RIO is hosting an exhibition of real-life sea relics and ocean treasures featured in the picture. The most valuable exhibit, the twelve Anderson Sea Stars, is worth millions.

A wily thief steals the set of solid gold starfish set with precious gems depicting the signs of the zodiac. But before the thief can get away, a ruthless killer whacks him but leaves the golden stars behind with the body.

Meanwhile, superstar heart throb Rafe Cummings hires her to teach him to scuba dive, then puts the moves on her, threatening her once perfect romance with her fiancé Liam Lawton.

As the killer continues attacking other members of the RIO team and the film crew, the case has Detective Dane Scott stumped, and Fin knows she’ll have to solve the crime herself or watch her beloved oceanographic institute go under.

Filled with romance, family secrets, and scuba diving, this latest entry in the addictive series will keep you hooked from first page to last.

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