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Sunken Death - Fin Fleming Book 2

Sunken Death - Fin Fleming Book 2

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Sorrow. Betrayal. Death by drowning.

Those are the words of a dark and mysterious ancient curse that haunts the jaw-dropping sunken treasure known as the Queen’s Tiara. Everybody wants a piece of the riches from the past, but its location was lost years ago.

Now underwater photographer Fin Fleming has found the coordinates in an old ship’s log, and she’s willing to risk her life to retrieve the treasure. She puts together a team of scuba divers to seek the treasure and film the expedition for a documentary.

Almost immediately, her scuba crew seems plagued by the curse, including betrayal and death by drowning. Fin doesn’t believe in evil curses, but she needs to uncover the truth, retrieve the treasure, and get her team safely back to Grand Cayman before the real killer destroys them all.

Filled with romance, adventure, mystery, and lots of scuba diving, the second book in this twisty series will keep you turning pages until you reach the end.

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